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Adam Bateman has decades of experience in major art world markets with a vast network that can be tapped to find you collectible artwork at any budget and a track record of finding artists before they become big names on the market. He was worked with institutions, commercial spaces, and individuals to put entire collections together or to find just the right piece to compliment a collection or an architectural space. He has experience working with interior designers and architects or directly with the collectors to find the right fit.


Because Al Filo Del Agua doesn't represent specific artists, we aren't constrained by economic or contractual incentives to limit the scope of our search for the perfect art for your home or business.

How it works:

Bateman (bilingual), meets with you and learns about your objectives and your taste. Then, based on budget and the scope of the project, a conservative retainer is set, after which Bateman will put together a "mood-board" of artworks (that may or may not be for sale) to further narrow his understanding of what you're looking for. Once better understood, he will present available artworks by multiple artists at your budget, then coordinate shipping and installation of the artwork in your space. In most cases, Bateman's fee will come as a commission from the sale rather than increasing your cost as the client.

Images below courtesy Stirling Mills Interior Design. All from one project. Artwork includes work by Rebecca Campbell, Clare Grill, Levi Jackson, Michael John Kelly, Elizabeth Neel, Ushio Shinohara, and Farrah Hood.

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